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Thank you for your interest in the ChooseFI International Foundation.

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Media Inquiries

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Public Speaking

We at the ChooseFI Foundation believe that financial literacy and financial independence can help millions break free of debt and choose financial independence. In so doing, they’ll live healthier, happier, and more secure lives today, rather than hope for a nebulous retirement in some distant future.

If you are looking for a speaker at your next conference or event, we have a group of experts who have extensive experience speaking about real estate, personal finance, financial independence, investments, life optimization, and frugality.

For the right cause, we’d be happy to join your event.

If you’re interested in booking any of our speakers, panel discussion, television appearance, or any event, please check out our Speakers' Bureau.

Supporting Our Work

If you are interested in helping us in our mission, here are a few ways you can make a difference:

  1. Support our for-profit sibling that funds most of our work! Visit ChooseFI to find out how.
  2. If you would like to help with funds, please click here for options.
  3. If you are a school teacher, or you lead personal development sessions on a military base, and want to take the Financial Independence message to your community, we’ll be happy to help! Please contact us using the “Let’s Chat” form below with “LEAD” at the start of the subject line.


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