Financial Literacy Resources For Military

What would it look like if every military member had $1000 in the bank, no consumer debt, and spent less than they make every month? 

Quite literally — it would transform our Military. Finances touch every aspect of our readiness from divorce to security clearances. National security is truly impacted when we make our members financially fit.

Financial Independence 101

A Free course — for anyone — seeking to win back control of their financial security. 12 lessons walk through topics from expenses and earning more to investing and insurance. 

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ChooseFI's 4-part Financial Basics Training + Instructor Presentation

Unit 1

The ChooseFI Foundation created a 4-part series that helps you teach everything someone should know getting started with personal finances. This material includes the presentation and the instructor workbook that walks you through step-by-step how to lead others through this class. 

Unit 1 of this packet's purpose is to provide a ready-made 45-minute presentation that anyone can use to teach finances on a training day to their unit, office, small group, or peers. It covers basic concepts in debt, credit, automated investing, and the 4% rule for retirement. 

Unit 1 can be taught as a standalone class or the presenter an offer to host the other 3 units in an unofficial capacity. Units 2-4 dive into much more specific information like savings rate, Financial Independence concepts, and specific investing strategies such as broad based index funds. 

*This is a project still in work. The presentation is currently built for a civilian audience, there will be a military specific version out next. Feel free to adjust the presentation to fit a military audience.

I want your feedback! Please email [email protected] with any edits, corrections, errors, and suggestions. 

Unit 1 Presentation
Unit 1 Instructor Manual

Resources For Teaching Finances to Military Members

2Lt Finance .ppt

By David Sperry

If a 2nd Lt can figure it out - anyone can! Despite the name this ppt slide deck is applicable to everyone and covers a wide variety of topics focusing on issues you will face starting with your first duty-station. Everything from buying a car, investing with the TSP, to house buying gets a nod in this ppt. 

[email protected]


Tools for a Military Career

By Doug Nordman

Doug has distilled the hundreds of articles and thousands of conversations he has had about military finances down to the bare bones in this 2 page word document. 

Check out Doug's fantastic website and multiple books HERE. 


Bogleheads Military Finance Basics

Originally by Mark Hensen

This ppt deck was pulled from the BogleHeads wiki, military section. It is long (70 slides!) and comprehensive. We strongly suggest you cut it down to tailor to your target audience. Here is the original description:

This PowerPoint presentation is a comprehensive 70-slide overview of the basics of financial management for U.S. military service members. It was created in 2012 by retired Marine Mark Hensen and may be freely shared.


FI and Finances

Originally by Jason Gargan

This ppt is pulled from the excellent blog on where MilitaryDollar breaks down each slide and gives further research and info for the presenter. Take a look a peak at the extra resources and tweak the slides to match your audience. Use these slides to give a quick overview of the basics of FI and personal finance. 


Military FI Infographics has even more resources for military members. Find several infographics, Travel Rewards for Military blog articles, and more! Military

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