High School

9th-12th Grade Financial Literacy Curriculum for 2020

Financial literacy curriculum from the ChooseFI Foundation tailored to meet the specific needs of 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12 graders.

Unit 1: Money In, Money Out
Unit 2: What Am I Saving?
Unit 3: Don't Waste It, Save It
Unit 4: Funding Your Life
A unit designed to help students explore how to earn, spend, and save based on values, wants, needs, and interests
Unit 5: Starting a Business
Unit 6: Can You Afford It?
A unit designed to help students explore the concepts of expenses, borrowing money, and loans
Unit 7: Putting Your Money to Work
Unit 8: Return on Investment
Unit 9: Growing Up
A unit designed to encourage students to explore the pillars of adulthood and financial independence
Key terms from each unit of the curriculum complied together and sorted by unit
Performance Assessments
Assessment tools designed to allow students to apply key concepts

Additional Components

In addition to providing engaging and thought-provoking lessons, the ChooseFI Foundation has also gathered and created additional curriculum components to support, enrich, and extend classroom instruction.


Explore electronic glossaries, preview digital tools, and gather additional print and digital resources tailored to each grade level to extend and enrich each unit.

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Performance Assessments

Challenge students to demonstrate their knowledge and change their money behaviors with portfolio assessments and project-based learning opportunities.

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