When someone signs up to serve, they also unlock a path to FI. But many aren’t shown how to harness this opportunity. We can help.

Every so often, we find an opportunity to serve those who serve us all.

We can’t think of a better way of showing our appreciation of our servicemen and servicewomen than helping them secure the financial future of themselves and their families.

A military career unlocks a surefire way to FI, but it’ll take a bit of knowledge to pull the right levers.

From getting the most out of military pension plans, to optimizing savings rates for investment opportunities, to educational and travel benefits, the path to military FI is a solid one with the right know-how and mindset.

To help with that, we’ve partnered with subject matter experts to create a set of lessons.

These lessons are available free to all military members, veterans, and their families on the FI Academy.

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