Middle School

6th-8th Grade Financial Literacy Curriculum for 2020

Financial literacy curriculum from the ChooseFI Foundation tailored to meet the specific needs of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.

Unit 1: Money In, Money Out
A unit to help students develop an understanding of how money moves in and out.
Unit 2: What Am I Saving?
A unit designed to help students explore the purpose of saving.
Unit 3: Don't Waste it, Save It
Unit 4: Funding Your Life
A unit designed to help students explore how to earn, spend, and save based on values, wants, needs, and interests.
Unit 5: Starting a Business
A unit designed inspire students to explore to the idea of entrepreneurship.
Unit 6: Can You Afford It?
A unit designed to help students explore the concepts of expenses, borrowing money, and loans.
Unit 7: Putting Your Money to Work
A unit designed to challenge students to explore the concept of investing.
Unit 8: Return on Investment
A unit designed to help students explore purchasing decisions and returns on investment.
Unit 9: Growing Up and Reaching FI
A unit designed to encourage students to explore the pillars of adulthood and financial independence.
6-8 Vocabulary
Key terms from each unit of the curriculum complied together and sorted by unit
Performance Assessments
Assessment tools designed to allow students to apply key concepts