ChooseFI PreK-12 Curriculum

From the first PreK lesson to last 12th grade lesson, each aspect of the ChooseFI Foundation financial literacy curriculum supports educators and our work fostering essential financial literacy skills in all learners.

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PreK & Elementary School

From initial introductions to concepts of time and money to skills like saving and investing, the focus of each lesson keeps PreK and elementary students in mind.

Sample lessons include:

1. Budgeting for your first pet
2. How to set goals
3. How to evaluate purchasing decisions

PreK Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd-5th Grade

Middle School

The middle school curriculum will help students build on fundamental financial literacy skills, challenging them to learn new concepts and set goals with the future in mind.

Sample lessons include:

1. Debating the pros and cons of credit cards
2. Setting SMART goals for high school and beyond
3. Brainstorming possible future business ideas

6th-8th Grade

High School

As high schoolers transition into adulthood, they need opportunities to strengthen financial skills that will set them up for success after graduation.

Sample lessons include:

1. Space Quest - needs versus wants
2. Investing in the stock market challenge
3. Entrepreneurship project

9th-12th Grade The Simple Startup

Our Curriculum, The Common Core, and More

We know money intersects with every aspect of life, and the ChooseFI curriculum was designed with this in mind. The curriculum at each grade level has been carefully aligned to the Common Core State Standards in literacy and math, as well as the National Standards for Financial Literacy. Students of all ages are challenged to develop their literacy skills, apply mathematical principles to real-life money problems, and discuss the impact of money on an individual and societal level. No matter your content area, our curriculum can help you integrate financial literacy into your classroom. Let's start today!

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About Us

The ChooseFI Foundation Curriculum will guide students to become financially literate in today's world, with a focus on becoming financially independent. Certified and experienced educators with a passion for improving the financial literacy of our youth designed these lessons, resources, and assessments for any educator who wants to bring financial literacy into their classroom.

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Curriculum Contributors


Writing Team
Lindsay Giroux

Elementary School

Writing Team
Danielle Mendonsa
Jenna Reich
Kelli Thompson

Review Team
Denise Radecke
Yuki Yano
Steven Harms
Jenna Reich

Middle School

Writing Team
Mandy Bert
Scott Barrett
Nancy Bachety
Brian Barfoot
Tamar Snyder
Sean Guerrero McCormick
Hemang Srikishan
Ryan Moran

Review Team
Stephanie Belbis
Zachary Holz
Craig Mills

High School

Writing Team
Rob Phelan
Miriam Giardina
Shaun Nesheim
Tom Lewandowski

Review Team
Jolie Viguers
Yuki Yano
Denise Radecke
Jesse Carillo
Zachary Holz