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You have an incredible message to share with the world! Our mission is to help you get in front of the right audience. 

We know schools, corporations, and event planners are searching for experts who can present personal finance topics in engaging and entertaining ways. They often don’t know where to look. We are changing that by curating the top 100 best personal finance speakers in one place. 

Why Join Us?

The ChooseFI Foundation Speaker Bureau is a one-stop-shop, connecting trusted personal finance speakers with event planners and brands at the National, Regional, and Local levels. When you become a member of our non-profit speaker bureau, you will benefit from:

Greater Exposure - all of your information in one place for event planners to determine if you are a good match for their audience or event

Increased Credibility - be listed among the best names in the personal finance community

More Leads/More Gigs - reach more people, spread your message, and grow awareness for your brand

Improved Speaking Fees - more experience and increased credibility demands higher fees

We want to disrupt the industry to bring more exposure to personal finance topics. Because we believe that if people can make good choices with money, they can improve their entire lives. Most speaker bureaus only accept speakers with high demand and large speaking fees ($5,000-$75,000). They take a 10% commission, which is how they stay in business. 

Message over Profit

We want the most compelling personal finance speakers to have a seat at the table! At corporate events, keynotes, big stages, news outlets and podcast interviews. We take no commissions from speakers.  We are here to help you get your message out there. 

We want to cultivate demand for your message so that together we can help others break free from debt, build towards retirement, and live happier, healthier, and more secure lives.

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