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Testing and Scaling Your Goals

Jillian Johnsrud

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Subject Matter Expert On:

  • Early Retirement
  • Life Optimization
  • Financial Independence
  • Intentional Living
  • Leadership
  • Everyday Courage

Regions of Travel:

  • North America

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  • Podcast Interview
  • Panelist
  • Keynote address
  • Media Interviews

Travels From:

Kalispell, MT

About Jillian

It’s a challenge to become comfortable with discomfort. When our culture strives to make everything easier, Jillian encourages us to lean in and choose courage over comfort because change and growth take place when we’re forced to dig just a little deeper

Growing up with financial insecurity and challenging family dynamics, Jillian never wanted to find herself in the same position. Saving up to move out at 17, she began to understand how money provides you with options in life and that financial independence delivers freedom.

Yet at 19, Jillian and her husband started out with less than nothing. Finding themselves $55,000 in debt, they moved into an ugly camper just to save $150 a month. It was not just hard to look poor; it was embarrassing.

While challenging in the beginning, the more progress they made, the easier it became. After successfully ridding themselves of the debt, it motivated them to continue saving. They made the hard choices others weren’t willing to make, choices such as having a roommate and purchasing a sad little fixer-upper home for $50,000 in cash when they could have bought something bigger and better.

Adopting four children and having two biological children, their large and rapidly growing family gave them the determination to make only the best choices. Though never earning more than $50-80K in combined per year, she saved all of her pay and finally reached financial independence at 32.

Careful planning and thoughtful conversation played largely in her success; she still finds the good in failure.  It’s easy to look at failures and feel as if the effort was wasted, but Jillian reminds us not to waste the good.  We get to keep all the good, even when the end result isn’t what we’d hoped for. When she looks back on a path littered with failures, she can see how hard she was trying, growing and learning.

Jillian finds great value in quitting. Whether it’s dreams, habits, thoughts, or relationships, nothing is sacred. Quitting enables her to keep only those things that are truly so high value in moving her dreams and goals forward.

Today, Jillian coaches and mentors others, helping them to build a lifestyle reflective of their own values, passion, and purpose.

Speaking topics include intentional lifestyle design, learning how to be courageous in work and life, and building financial freedom.

Jillian lives in Kalispell, MT with her husband, Adam, and their five children.