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Jonathan Mendonsa

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Subject Matter Expert On:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Early Retirement
  • Life Optimization
  • Financial Independence

Regions of Travel:

  • North America

Available For:

  • Podcast Interview
  • Panelist
  • Keynote address
  • Mid-sized audience (251-500)
  • Large Audience (501 or more)
  • Media Interviews

Travels From:

Richmond, VA

About Jonathan

Get rich quick schemes can and usually do fail, but you can get rich quickish nearly every time and in the process design a life you can get excited about now. Jonathan promotes a life optimization strategy, revealing how anyone can increase their savings rate and get to point where they can make working optional.

Graduating with a Doctorate of Pharmacy, Jonathan was weighted down with the astronomical student loan debt that came along with it.  Not a natural saver, he calls himself reluctantly frugal.  His frugality is a means to end, the end being financial independence. 

Ridding himself of student loans became a priority, and after four years, the goal of paying off all $168,000 had been accomplished.  Getting back to broke at the age of 30. 

While working towards becoming financially independent, he heard Brad Barrett interviewed on a podcast discussing travel rewards.  When he realized they both lived in Richmond, VA, he sent a message inviting Brad to lunch.   

During their lunch conversation, Jonathan noted that most financial independence blogs were a retrospective look at what bloggers had already done rather than what they were currently doing to reach financial independence.  He was inspired to document his own journey. 

In a second meeting, Jonathan pitched to Brad the idea of a financial independence podcast featuring each of their perspectives: someone who had already reached financial independence, and someone who was still on the path.  Brad was onboard and ChooseFI was born. 

Through the ChooseFI podcast, website, and Facebook groups, Brad and Jonathan are crowdsourcing strategies from the financial independence, retire early (FIRE) community so others can learn how to earn more, spend less, and enjoy the journey.  

Since its inception in late 2016, the ChooseFI podcast has had more than 11 million downloads, with listeners in 169 countries, and is one of the highest-rated and largest personal finance podcasts available on iTunes.  

Jonathan left his job as a pharmacist to focus on the mission of ChooseFI.  Though still on the path to financial independence, he has realized most of the benefits of financial independence by intentionally designing a life he can get excited about long before reaching a fixed number. The pursuit of financial independence is not binary 1 or 0. Rather you get more control over your life every step you take on this journey 

Jonathan lives in Richmond, VA with his wife, Danielle, son, and two dogs.