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Kassandra Dasent

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Subject Matter Expert On:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Financial Wellness
  • Holistic Wealth
  • Money & Mental Health

Regions of Travel:

  • North America
  • Worldwide

Available For:

  • Workshop
  • Large Audience (501 or more)
  • Mid-sized audience (251-500)
  • Small Audience (250 or less)
  • Small Group Meetups (50 people or less)
  • Media Interviews
  • Keynote address
  • Panelist
  • Podcast Interview

Travels From:

Orange Park, FL

About Kassandra

EQ Your Way to Wealth™ is what Kassandra specializes in. Focusing on how emotional awareness can have a direct and lasting impact on one’s relationship with money, she provides her clients, corporate employees, and audiences with practical solutions to help people take ownership of their careers, achieve financial stability, wellness, and wealth, and become emotionally intelligent leaders.

Raised by a single mother, and as immigrants who left Trinidad, West Indies and made Montreal, QC, Canada their new home when Kassandra was 6 years old, she grew up in financially challenging circumstances. Although she learned about the importance of saving at a young age, her early adulthood demonstrated her lack of financial responsibility. As a result, Kassandra spent over a decade of her life and money trying in vain to validate herself through material possessions.

As someone who knows firsthand what it is like to live with a lot of debt -- $55K of consumer debt -- who successfully paid it off in 3.5 years, has remained debt free for 7+ years, and is on track to achieve financial independence, Kassandra understands the emotional stress and financial challenges that debt causes. She also exemplifies how practicing holistic wealth can change the course of one’s life and allow for people to live it more fully, and on their terms.

Today, Kassandra is a recognized financial wellness engineer, speaker, Founder & CEO of Minding Your Money. Kassandra left her corporate career as a software engineering project manager to start her company offering consulting services that include strategic planning sessions, corporate programs, training, workshops, retreats, and public speaking.

She has been featured in numerous media outlets including Forbes, US News & World Report, Business Insider, Fast Company, Travel Noire, Yahoo! Finance and News, and Glamour.

Leveraging her professional and financial expertise, and passion to change how we think about money and profit, Kassandra’s dedication to empowering people financially and being a change agent for the evolution of the modern workplace yields positive results.

Kassandra is a twice immigrant and fluent in French. She was born in Trinidad, West Indies, raised in Montreal, Qc, Canada, and currently lives in Orange Park, Florida, with her husband.

Prepared Talks & Workshops:

  • Money & Relationships: Breaking the Taboo
  • Breaking Limiting Beliefs
  • Managing Stress as a Business Owner
  • The Four Pillars of Holistic Wealth
  • The Ladder of Financial Freedom: Steps to Financial Stability, Wellness, and Wealth
  • Transforming the Modern Workplace Through Servant Leadership