Vincent Pugliese

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Subject Matter Expert On:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Independence
  • Effective Altruism
  • Small Business Growth

Regions of Travel:

  • North America

Available For:

  • Keynote address

Travels From:

Pittsburgh, PA

About Vincent

Vincent Pugliese is the author of Freelance to Freedom, and is the owner of Total Life Freedom, a unique mastermind community for entrepreneurs who are looking to create a life of time, money, and location freedom.

Vincent coaches on lifestyle independence, financial freedom, building a powerful network, and how generosity is the key to building a successful business. Vincent was a professional photographer for twenty-two years, traveling around the world to cover events like the Super Bowl, the World Series and Muhammad Ali’s birthday. He has photographed four United States presidents, spent a day with the Dalai Lama, and many other high profile assignments.

After gaining debt freedom and financial freedom more than twelve years ago, Vincent set out to teach other freelancers and entrepreneurs how to do the same. He saw often that financial literacy in this space was vital, as many entrepreneurs are great at their craft, but terrible at business. Vincent’s keynote speech, titled “What An Encounter With The Mafia Taught Me About Building A Powerful Network”, is built around compelling stories to highlight the lessons of financial independence, generosity, being a connector and making those around you better, and how that will create a better life for yourself.

Prepared Talks & Workshops:

  • What An Encounter With The Mafia Taught Me About Building A Powerful Network