Financial Independence For The Military 


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People Who Defend Our Freedoms, Deserve Financial Independence 

It may not be intuitive, but the men and women who signed up to serve the country are actually well placed to attain Financial Independence.

That's why we've taken FI concepts and strategies and adapted them so that veterans and active servicemen and women can map their path to FI while taking full advantage of the Federal programs they've earned.

All this content have been created as an instructor-led Military FI resource kit.


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The Military Financial Independence Instructor Resource Kit

In the Military FI resource pack for instructors, you will find an instructor guide and a PowerPoint presentation for each of the 4 classes: 

  • Class 1: Introduction to Financial Independence
  • Class 2: Earn More, Spend Less
  • Class 3: Investing Made Simple
  • Class 4: Tax Optimization

Intro to Financial Independence

Earn More, Spend Less

Investing Made Simple

Optimization Of Taxes

Access The Resources Now

We Need Your Help  

We still need to get these life-changing strategies in front of them, in a way that works for them.

If you are a leader of young service men and women on base, or volunteer with a group that serves veterans, or just want to help in any way, we would like for you to be the person presenting these life-changing ideas to the people who have dedicated their lives to serving us.

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