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The journey to Financial Independence is transformative. Millions can break free from debt, build towards retirement, and live healthier, happier, and more secure lives. It starts with education.

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PreK-12 Education

People in the FI movement often wish they had started earlier. We agree, and worked with educators to design a curriculum for kids PreK-12.


Military FI

When someone signs up to serve, they also unlock a path to FI. But many aren’t shown how to harness this opportunity. We can fix that.


The Speakers' Bureau

Looking for someone to speak about financial independence, FIRE, and personal finance at your event? Let us match you with a local or regional speaker.


FI 101 @ The FI Academy

How many of us are mired in debt because we never got the chance to learn how to manage our finances? The FI101 course in the FI Academy will help.



Our mission is to bring financial literacy to underserved communities.

As of 2019, our focus is on these three communities:

  • School-going children from kindergarten through high school where financial literacy is not readily accessible. We want to position them for their best possible lives, before poor financial habits take hold.
  • Active duty servicemen and servicewomen who may not be aware of the many financial benefits and programs that are already available to them.
  • Working adults who never got the chance to learn how to manage their finances and become financially secure. Our goal is to help them eliminate debt, and start building towards financial independence.

Our Programs


The PreK-12 Program is designed to help teachers introduce kids to sound financial principles and to build a foundation for FI.


The FI Academy helps you learn the basics, then guide you through to advanced FI topics. It includes FI 101, Military FI and more.

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The Speakers' Bureau matches volunteers with opportunities to take personal finance to civic, military, and corporate venues.

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Education can fuel your progress towards FI

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Build your talent stack. Rock your side hustle. Shred your expenses.

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There is a whole world out there needing this message. They just don't know it yet.

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