Financial Literacy Resources For Families

Resources For Families

FinLit for the 3rd-5th Grade Learner

This student-facing course for the 3rd-5th grade independent learner complements the Foundation's 3rd-5th Grade FinLit Curriculum. It introduces learners to basic concepts and gets them to think about money in a smarter, better environment.

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 The Simple Startup

In The Simple StartUp Challenge you will learn the life skills that are the hallmarks of entrepreneurship that will remain relevant and life-changing no matter how Artificial Intelligence develops, or what happens in the global economy. Get ready for the future by acquiring the ability to think creatively, solve problems, make smart financial decisions, communicate effectively, and appreciate the value of money.

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Meal Planning Made Easy: Teaching Kids How to Start

Food is a budget item we need to think about because it is one of the top 3 expenses in an average person's budget. In this free course, you will learn how to help your student get a headstart on their financial nutritional well-being. There is also an entire lesson on meal planning for the 3rd-5th grader.

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Presented by the ChooseFI Foundation Team

Danielle Mendonsa

Lead, Elementary School Writing Team 

Mandy Bert

Lead, Middle School Writing Team

Rob Phelan 

Lead, High School Writing Team

Melissa Lagerquist

Lead Writer, FI 101

Stephen Heptig

Creator, FI 101

Ed Tee

Executive Director, CFI Foundation