Meal Planning Made Easy: Teaching Kids How to Start!

Food is a budget item we need to think about. Why?  Because it is one of the top 3 expenses in an average person's budget!

In the Meal Planning Made Easy course, you will learn how to help your child get a headstart on their financial and nutritional well-being.

The course includes a hands-on lesson tailored to 3rd-5th grader learners to complete at home. The best part? The course is completely FREE!

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Here's a sneak peak!

Empower Your Child

With our free meal planning course, the learner is in charge. They pick the meals they want, gather the items needed, and walk a day in their parents' shoes.  

Introduce Money Skills

Introduce multiple concepts through like comparison shopping, budgeting, unit pricing, needs vs wants, and time budgeting.

Give Kids Life Skills 

The course helps your child learn about nutrition and cooking skills in a way that is meaningful and engaging. Warning: Kitchen cleanup skills not included. :)

The "Meal Planning Made Easy" course comprises the following lessons:


For educators and parents:

Meal Planning Project Overview

Meal Planning Project Reflection Video 

For 3rd-5th Students:

Elementary Meal Planning Project

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Meal Planning for Everyone

This project was made to include students from all walks of life and backgrounds. Each student will bring an interesting perspective to the experience and will challenge others in different ways. 



This project encourages you to be mindful of the dietary needs of others, as well as the socioeconomic factors that might influence perspectives and decisions.

It encourages you to look at resources such as SNAP Ed and even Dollar Tree as you prepare your meal planning ideas.

Are there others that could join you as you complete this project?

Having a group of learners work together can make it more fun and meaningful.

You will learn from different approaches to meal planning and budgeting, exposing yourself to new ways to think about meals and healthy eating!

Reflection with others is so important. Taking the time to think about the process and the decisions you and others made as you completed the lesson will be paramount to your growth.